Help translating 2 Cyrillic Records, Serock, Poland #general

Howard Orenstein

Dear Genners,
Two records arrived >from the Polish State Archives and I need some
help translating them.

The first is a death record for Zlata ORENSZTEJN >from 1904.
Who were her parents, how old was she when she died and what was the
cause of death, if stated?

The second is a marriage record of Chaim Lejzor ORENSZTEJN and Perla
JONISZ, also >from 1904.

Who were the parents of the bride and groom?
Was the groom a widower or was he divorced? Who was his former wife,
if mentioned?
Was the bride a widow or was she divorced? If applicable, who was her
former husband?

There are Pages of Testimony for this couple at Yad Vashem, but the
answers to the questions may clear up some ambiguous genealogical

Thank you in advance for your help with these records.
Please email me directly.
Howard Orenstein

Howard Orenstein
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