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| I have been having a field day with the immigration records;
| I've probably found a gazillion pertinent family manifests... no
| exaggeration!!! With all of that incredible luck, I still have a couple of
| families whose records seem to be beyond my ability to find them.
| My FERTEL family immigrated [to Cleveland] +/- 1879-1883; there should be
| about 11 family members who came and they didn't all come at the same time.
| Of the 11, I've found the record for one; Alter who arrived in 1882. My gg
| grandparents went back and forth to Europe close to a dozen times between
| the early 1890s and the early 1930s and I've found all of those records.
| I've tried every spelling variation that I could think of and for the life
| of me I can't find when they all originally arrived.
| According to all documentation and stories, my SILVERMAN family sailed from
| Hamburg to NY between 1887 and 1889. They were originally >from Zinkov,
| Ukraine and at that stage they weren't Silvermans, they might have been
| APPLEBAUMs. I've looked for all Silvermans and Applebaums, without success.
| In this family there would have been 8 family members and they would have
| all been traveling together.
| Does anyone have any suggestions as to how else I might pursue these two
| elusive families? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried looking for the forename only of one of the family members?
I found some PEZARO relatives by searching for all the Hymans.
I found him as Hyman PIZZARD!!!
It was definitely him, as his age (4) , his brother's name and age and his
parent's forenames and ages were all correct.

Chose the least common forename, to shorten the list of possibilities.
In your family of 8 there were surely some females.
Females were less common than males in the manifests (men often travelled
alone, women rarely travelled alone), so use one of their forenames to

Best of luck

Henry Best

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