United Grodner Relief, 1960 (ViewMate photo) #belarus

Paul Gordon <flash@...>

I've posted a photo on ViewMate of my great-grandfather Sam SCHNEIDER
with an unidentified woman. The photo was taken in New York in 1960, at
a party given by United Grodner Relief in honor of his 80th birthday.

Sam SCHNEIDER was born in the city of Grodno. I'm curious who the woman
with him in the photograph is. Perhaps she was also >from Grodno.

If you have relatives >from Grodno who were in New York in the late 1950s
- early 1960s, could you please take a look at this photo? It is
ViewMate file # 6886. You can link to it directly at

You can access all the ViewMate files at

Please send any responses to me, and not to the entire group. As
always, thanks for your help.

Paul Gordon
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

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