Re: Family Myth Busting #general

Judith Romney Wegner

Michael Bernet suggests (somewhat humorously no doubt):

I'd rather be unfaithful to the strict rules of genealogy than dismiss
the pride in my family for its honored connections to other proud and
honored families. I don't fib in my family tree, but make sure to include
the names of the illustrious in-laws, and cousins' cousins, who have
risen to fame and distinction. A little of it rubs off on me

Thank you, Michae! Since Jews constitute * 'am ehad * -- "one
people" ( more literally "one family" as the word * 'am* is a
genealogical term originally signifying "husband's brother" -- as it
still does in Arabic) , I shall henceforth happily derive yikhus
from the fact that as a member of the Providence Jewish community, I
have actually rubbed shoulders with Seymour Lederberg -- a Brown
professor and brother of Nobel Laureate Joshua Lederberg.

In my former incarnation as an attorney I also knew Seymour's wife,
the late Justice Victoria Lederberg of the Rhode Island Supreme
Court. Before switching careers in mid-stream in the 1970s, I
frequently argued State's responses to criminal appeals in that Court
-- though that was long before Vicky was elevated to that august
institution. (She, by the way, was an Italian-American.)

My point is that in the Jewish community there are always far fewer
than six degrees of separation, so is we apply Michael's criteria, a
little of everyone else's yikhus can rub off on all of us!

Happy Hanukkah to one and all!

Judith Romney Wegner

MODERATOR NOTE: Any further specifics of the Lederberg family should
be shared privately, but thank you all for the reminders of our

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