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On Sun, 10 Dec 2006 02:51:03 UTC, anna.olswanger@... (Anna
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Can anyone refer me to a photographer who makes archival quality
8x10 black-and-white prints on photographic paper >from jpegs?


Anna Olswanger
New York, NY
Depends what you mean by "archival", and upon the resolution of the JPEG. If
your JPEG contains e.g. 640x480 pixels, no power on earth can produce a
large print that looks like it was made >from a low-grain film negative. On
the other hand, a JPEG of appropriate resolution can make a very good paper
print on which you cannot see the pixels, and any photo shop with now
ubiquitous equipment can do it for you.

Note that digital cameras turn out JPEGs (or other formats that are for
purposes of this discussion equivalent), and can make pictures of very high
resolution and excellent quality. And digital cameras are what are used
these days, even for making high-quality photographs.

Take your JPEG to a photo shop and ask the man what can be done with it.

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