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All -

I've been researching this for some time, but I feel that I've exhausted
my resources and I'm prepared to throw myself on the mercy of all you

I'm trying to find immigration records for my grandfather's oldest
sibling and her immediate family.

Some background:

Family legend tells us that she and her husband were on their way to
America >from Viski (or Vishki) near Dvinsk (now Daugavpils) in the
Gubernia of Vitebsk (today this is in Latvia) and made it to Liverpool
when they discovered that she was pregnant. They decided that she
should go back home and have the baby and her husband would go on to
America and set up a home there and send for her later.

So her husband, Jacob KAPLAN, came to the US in (we believe) 1903. We
believe that she and her son came to America in 1905 or 1906. Her
Yiddish name was Sora-Tzipa (birth last name "DUMESH"), who became Sarah
in America. We aren't sure of her son's name. We aren't even sure
what his original name was in America. We are told that when he
survived a terrible illness as a young child, he was given the name
Chaim/Hyman in honor of his grandfather, who had since died in Viski.
So we have no idea what name he was traveling under.

Jacob KAPLAN was born approximately 1881 as was Sarah. Their son was
probably born in 1904.

Another clue that may or may not help is that when Jacob Kaplan's sister
was traveling to America with Sarah's sister Taube Dumes, she traveled
under the name Stire Kopeleuskaja or something like that! The image is at:

Stire is line 7 and Taube is line 8.

One other thing that I can't make out on the document listed above is
the "last permanent residence". Taube gave the town was "Wisky" but the
country looks like it starts with a "K". Stire's starts with the same
word, but has a different town. It looks like it might be "Kowno", but
I'm at a loss to understand that completely. It is possible, I suppose,
that Jacob and his sister originally came >from Kowno/Kaunas and that
Taube had gone to stay with Stire until they were ready to travel. But
Kwono was a city, not a country, correct? Or was it also a region,
akin to a Gubernia?

Another possible help is that Stire lists her "nearest relative or
friend" as S. Kopeleuskaja in the same place that Stire lists as her
last residence.

By the way, it's unclear what name Jacob and Sarah were traveling under.
I don't know when he started using the name Kaplan. I'm told that
"aya" at the end of the name traditionally indicated a matronymic, and
it might have originally, but it might have become a family name by this
time. However, he was certainly using Kaplan by the time Stire and
Taube arrived, because though she lists her name as Kopeleuskaja, she
says she is going to see her brother Jacob Kaplan.

I don't know for certain, but I'm guessing that they arrived in the port
of New York because they lived there up until around 1910.

It's possible that Sarah might have listed her mother as "nearest
relative or friend in country >from whence alien came", as did her
sisters. Her mother's name was Sheina-Freida. And of course, Viski
was sometimes spelled Wisky, Whiskis, and all sorts of other ways.

I hope this is enough information to help!

Many thanks in advance.

Bruce Dumes

Researching DUMES/DUMESH in Viski/Vishki Latvia near Dvinsk/Daugavpils

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