Lauer=Levi? #general

Rachel Unkefer <runkefer@...>

I just had a tombstone translated by several people >from my viewmate
posting, and they all seem to confirm that it is my husband's
g-g-g-grandfather. The dates concur with what I was told by an
elderly relative and the name, Baruch ben Moshe, works also. The one
thing that is a little bit of a discrepancy is that the first line
says "Baruch ben Moshe Levi". The surname the family adopted was
actually Lauer. He died in 1850, so this was many years after surname
adoptions and I have no reason to think that there was any change
after 1850. In fact, his daughter's first child was born in 1814 and
I'm pretty sure the birth record calls her Hanna geb. Lauer at that

Is there any linguistic trick or mathematical trick or anything that
might explain how Lauer might somehow be written as Levi on a
tombstone? Note that it does not say "ha Levi", so I don't think it
refers to his being a Levite. Or am I looking at this wrong? Could
Levi have been the first name of Baruch's grandfather--Moshe's father?

Any thoughts on this?

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