Morris FEIN; born c. 1900-1910; Warsaw? Poland to U.S. (Chicago?); #general

Tim Baker <tbaker@...>

Looking for info or descendants of a cousin of my wife's family:
Morris FEIN, son of Pauline (WINEFIELD) and _______ Fein.
Pauline was born around 1884 in Warsaw, Poland and
married [unknown] FEIN. Their child Morris FEIN came to the U.S.
Where he lived is unclear, although Pauline's siblings all lived
in the Chicago area. Pauline's siblings: Samuel WINEFIELD,
Anna (WINEFIELD) FOX. Whether Pauline came to the U.S. is also
unclear, but she supposedly was married again to [unknown] DOLMAJ,
who lived in the U.S.

Tim Baker
Bellingham WA

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