Searching for KINSBRUNNER and WEISKOPFT info #austria-czech

Leanna Shuster <lunarcleo@...>


I have recently started doing more extensive research into my family
past. Now that I'm up against some roadblocks back in the European
genealogy, I'm hoping that someone on in the SIG will have some
suggestions of how I can proceed.

My paternal grandfather, Adolf KINSBRUNNER was born in Vienna in 1913.
He escaped over the Alps and ended up eventually in California, where
he changed the family name to KINSEY when he opened his own business,
after a stint back in Europe with the U.S. Army.

His mother Rosa/Rose WEISKOPFT was born in Saaz, Czechoslovakia in
1883 (we don't have a specific date). We're lucky enough to know that
her parents were Adolph WEISKOPFT and and Sophie SLEISCHEL, but the
only dates or places associated with that couple is Adolph's death in
1911 and their marriage in 1880 (places unknown).

Rosa was apparently one of six siblings: herself, Mina, Elsa, Adele,
Willy, and Fritz. Willy's family ended up in Israel and Fritz's went
to South America. It's believed that Elsa was a Shoah victim, but I
have no proof of that. I know nothing about the other siblings and
have no life cycle date information for any of the siblings other than

One of my frustrations is that I cannot find Rosa's death records.
She made it to the USA after the war and died in Connecticut on
October 29, 1946, according to family records. I have been unable to
find official records of her death or burial through, the
JOWBR, or other resources. I have tried searching under KINSBRUNNER,
WEISKOPFT, spelling variations of both, and even KINSEY (although I
don't have any reason to believe that she changed her name when her
son did). I would love to know where her grave site is.

Adolf's father was Chaim Solomon KINSBRUNNER. His family history is
much less known than that of his wife. We know that he was injured in
WWI and that caused something traumatic that made my grandfather not
want to open up about his father's side of the family. After my
grandfather passed away, my parents found Chaim's WWI dogtags, which
list his birth in 1876 in Pheodoresti, Romania. I have located
(online) his grave site in Vienna (ZENTRALFRIEDHOF IV. TOR, Group 17,
Row 6, Grave 50.). He died in Vienna in 1929. I hope to someday make
it to Vienna in person to visit and photograph this site.

This is where my info ends on my great-grandfather. I have no idea
who his parents were or where his siblings (assuming he had them)
ended up. There are several other Kinsbrunner listings in the same
cemetery, but I'm not sure how to go about determining if they might
be related.

If anyone recognizes any of these names or has suggestions on how I
might continue, I would love to get any feedback possible.

Leanna Shuster
near Philadelphia, PA

Searching for:
KINSBRUNNER (Vienna/Pheodoresti, Romania/Connecticut), WEISKOPFT
(Saaz, Czech./Vienna/Israel), SLEISCHEL (Czech?.), BODKER
(Brest/Litorsk/New York City), SIEGEL (Russia?/New York City).

COLEMAN (Triskic, Lithuania/California), KALFIN (Triskic,
Lithuania/California), KOENIGSBERG (Sanoka, Galicia/Georgia,
USA/California), STRINGER (Austria?/USA),
Mindk/Georgia, USA/California).

SHUSTER (Bassarabia, Poland/Montreal, Quebec), BLACK/BLECHMAN
(Wlodawa/Montreal, Quebec), NUDELMAN (Wlodawa/Montreal, Quebec).

BLUMENTHAL (Bledowa/Montreal, Quebec), KAPLANSKY (Russia/Montreal, Quebec).

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