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At 10:54 PM +1100 12/12/06, Charles and Perla Leinkram wrote:
My husband's grandfather's first name was Nesanajl. Is that the same as
Nathan or Nathaniel?
Thanking you in anticipation.
Perla Leinkram
No it is not Nathan, but yes it is Nathaniel.
That is the stadard English transliteration for
the Hebrew biblical name pronounced Ne-san-'el
by Ashkenazim. The main Biblical Nesan'el is
the one named in the Torah as a leader of the
tribe of Issachar at Numbers 1,8 and several more
times in the book of Numbers. (A different and
much later Nesan'el is mentioned in the
post-exilic books of Ezra, Nehemiah and
Chronicle, but your husband's ancestor.

Nathan is quite a different biblical character.
Several Nathans are mentioned in the bible but
the only important one is the prophet Nathan in
the time of King David, mentioned several times
in 2 Samuel and 1 Kings

Judith Romney Wegner
Actually, the real name of the various Biblical "Nathans" was almost
certainly "Nataniel" too (or "Nataniyah"), both theophoric names, and
"Natan". "Natan" means "he gave", but on the pattern of most other Biblical
names, it should state WHO gave, and the missing donor is specified by
either of the complete names, "God gave".

The Bible has many such examples. "Micha" ("Micah", for instance, is not a
name; his name was "Michayahu". The name of Baruch ben Neriya, secretary of
the prophet Jeremiah was "Berachiahu", on the evidence of his seals
("bullae") which were found some years ago in Jerusalem. Nicknames are not a
new invention. There is less reason to make a distinction between "Natan"
and "Nataniel" than is apparent at first glance.

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