Routes From Minsk to Baltic Ports #belarus

Edna Hoover

In trying to locate information on our KATZENELLENSON/NELSON branch from
Bobruisk in the Minsk area, I found lots of EIDB passenger records showing
last residence as Libau, which I understand to be the port in Latvia. I've
found the FEEFHS maps to be very useful in tracing migration routes.

Responding to : MavAlan Shaffer <mavalan_shaffer@...> 14 Oct 2005

"I would be really grateful for some geographical help. Our grandparents
told us they met on the boat coming over to England. We assumed this to be
from a Baltic port...Does anyone know how people may have travelled from
shtetls in Minsk to the Baltic ports?...Does anyone have a map of this area
at that time?" Mav Shaffer, Essex, England

Edna Hoover
B'klyn NY

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