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Alexander Sharon

"L A" wrote
I ask about Zaslav, knights of Zaslav because My
grandparents are buried in Everett, MA. The area that
they are buried in says knights of Zaslav. I don't
know who had the relationship to zaslav my GGF or GGM.
They lived together in Kishinev. However GGF had a
son living in Shargorod (?sp)Which I believe is sw of
Kiev. I found Zaslav in Belarus, but not sure what
the relationship would have been to my GGparents.
Maybe after I visit Nara in the next few eeks I'll
find out!

Zaslaw (Zaslav), you are referring to, is known currently as Izyaslaw at
5007 2648 in Podolia region in Ukraine. Known Jewish towns such as
Shepetivka, and Belogorodka, are located within 13 miles distance. Shargorod
is located a bit further but still in the same genearl Podolia region

I am not familiar with the particular Knights of Zaslav fraternity of MA,
but in NY county there is lsiting for another landmashaftn association >from
Zaslaw, known as First Saslawer (Zaslawer) Benevolent Association (est
YIVO database also lists Zaslaver Relief Committee (Boston)

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab., Canada

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