Re: Holocaust photo #general

Carlos Glikson

Israel Pickholtz wrote that

An undefined relative recently wrote to me saying "There is a famous
picture amongst the [H]olocaust literature which shows Hlinka guards
cutting the beard of a [C]hassidish Jew. He was...Lippa Wolfstater a
first cousin of my mother."

Dear Israel,

Time ago I downloaded >from sites online four very sad pictures with a common
denominator... the forced cutting of beards of observant Jews. At the time I
did not identify the sources online.

I now Googled for some of the captions of the photographs, and found two of
the pictures are still online in Aish HaTorah's website (home page ). The pictures appear in a page titled "Nazi Plans for the
Jews". A third picture was downloaded >from links in

The caption for one of the first pictures I mentioned specifically refers to
"Slovak Sympathizers Cutting Jew's Beard". I believe these may be the Hlinka
guards your relative referred to. The picture is at
(please note there are underscores in Nazi_Plans_for_the_Jews.asp )

As always, confronting the pictures is very hard. You can go directly to a
slight enlargement of the possible picture, and avoid seeing the other
picture ("Nazi Cutting Jew's Beard For Amusement") in the same page, by
linking directly to

I reduced this long URL using to
which will automatically redirect you to the picture.

Probably your relative may verify if this is the picture he referred to. It
was included in the website by courtesy of Yad Vashem.

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires

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