Kamenets Name Lists #belarus

David M. Fox <davefox73@...>

One of our SIG members who recently returned >from a trip to Kamenets sent me
a few name lists >from Kamenets. One list is in typed Russian and has 240
entries and the other is handwritten with 276 entries. In addition to the
two lists of names, I also received a hand drawn >from memory rendering of
the Kamenets synagogue and a newspaper article (in Russian).

At present there is no ShtetLink page for Kamenets, but hopefully someone
will start one:

If there is anyone with an interest in volunteering to translate the the two
name lists referenced above, please contact me.

If there is someone willing to head up a group of Kamenetz researchers or if
someone is already taking on this responsibility, please let me know.

I have no personal connections to Kamenetz and someone with a personal
interest in this shtetl needs to step forward to insure that data for this
shtetl is found, translated, and made available on the JewishGen Belarus

David Fox
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