751 Wendover Ave, NY 1907 #general


Trying to find what or who was at 751 Wendover Ave in New York in 1907. I
would be interested in the 1900 census, 1905 NYC and 1910 census and city

It was the address given on the Mt Zion Cemetery record for the death of 23
(or 21) year old Clara Wolkenstein.

I have used Steve Morse's site to learn it is now Claremont Parkway. Using
his ED/AD census guide for 1910 I come up with 1561, 1604, 1605, 1606, 1610
and 1715. But the cross streets don't help me identify house number 751. I
also could not find it in the 1905 NY census finding aide.

This address could have been a hospital or institution. Possibly Montefiore
Hospital. As per my previous posts, she was a patient in their sanitarium in
Bedford, NY in 1905.

from an online 1907 postcard for sale, I know that Webster and Wendover was
an entrance to Claremont Park.

My goal is to find the relative or uncle she was living with. I have ordered
her death certificate and await the information as well. The 1905 census
would be the most useful to me. If city directories are available, looking under
WOLKENSTEIN might yield something. I have googled Montefiore Hospital but
can not come up with their street address back then.

Happy Holidays and thanks for your collective help.

David Brener, Fargo, ND

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