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Stan Goodman <SPAM_FOILER@...>

Several years ago, my husband and I visited the Jewish cemetery in Podhajce,
Ukraine. We noticed that the tombstones had numbers on them. I was told
recently that these numbers were done for a survey by the Jewish Institute
in St. Petersberg. Does anyone know about this organization and how I might
go about contacting them?

Jean Rosenbaum
This is exactly the kind of question that can be answered with great ease,
within seconds, by a query to Google. (Last time I wrote a sentence like
that here I was deluged with emails telling me that the respective writers
use some other search engine, which is not the point.) I just made such a
search, using the search terms <jewish community petersburg> (no quotes, no
brackets), because there are many Jewish institutions in that city, and one
approach would be to write to the community and ask them your question.

The search was completed in about a tenth of a second, and resulted in
nearly 900 thousand hits (not all pertinent). Among them you might find a
good candidate for the institute you seek. In any case, the postal address
of the community is on their website.

Google is your friend, and there are more resources on the Internet than
just JewishGen.

Stan Goodman, Qiryat Tiv'on, Israel

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