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Barbara Musikar

Thursday, December 28, 2006 at 10 AM sharp
Judith R. Frazin
How to Find 19th-Century Polish-Language Records and Unlock Their Secrets
Judith Frazin is author of A Translation Guide to 19th-Century
Polish-Language Civil-Registration Documents (Birth, Marriage and Death
Records) and has developed two unique forms for recording genealogical
information. This lecture will describe how and where to find 19th-century
Polish-language vital records and how to abstract genealogical information
from them. Learn a step-by-step method for making sense of these documents’
contents, based on the speaker’s personal experiences.
The Polish Genealogical Society of America recognized Ms. Frazin’s
contribution with its Wiglia Award for the year 2000. A genealogist for 36
years, she served as JGS of Illinois President for two terms in the late
1980s and again >from 1999 through mid-2005. Recently, she completed a
three-year term as member-at-large on the Board of the International
Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies. Judith was Program Chairperson
for the 4th National Summer Seminar on Jewish Genealogy (Chicago 1984),
wrote a genealogical column for The Jewish Post and Opinion, has given
lectures and directed seminars on genealogical topics, and completed
numerous genealogical research projects for clients.

Monday, January 8, 2007 at 1 PM sharp
Stephen Denker
My family in Cuba 1928-1938: Why they went, what they did there, how I found
all this out
The organized Jewish community in Cuba lasted about 50 years and
was composed of three essentially separate groups - the North Americans, the
Sephardim and the European Ashkenazim. My grandparents were part of the
North American group. In tracing their history, I learned about the Jewish
history in Cuba and found resources for tracing it.
I had always known that my mother's Epstein family had lived in
Havana, that she had gone to an American high school, had commuted part of
the way to school by boat and that her father's company made underwear. But,
I knew little else. My mother had long since died before I began my research
In my talk I’ll tell how they got to Cuba; why they went; what they did
there and how I found out. I will also talk about the environment and a
prominent North American family - the Brandon/Maduros who played a part in
my family’s life and that of the entire community.
My grandfather Samuel’s and his brother Philip’s families moved to
Cuba in November 1928 in order to establish a family knitted-fabrics
manufacturing operation called Sedanita de Cuba. My grandparents remained in
Cuba for nearly ten years. Their families arrived in early 1929. They
originally had homes in Cojimar or Guanabacoa across the bay east of Havana.
Their factory was located in Guanabacoa. While in Cuba, my mother attended
and graduated >from the Ruston Academy.
The week of this talk, Stephen will be reunited with Philip’s
family in Miami after nearly 70 years of separation. Now formally retired,
Stephen Denker is active doing technical and business writing. He and his
wife Elayne have been collaboratively researching their family histories for
the past five years. Stephen holds a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Electrical
Engineering >from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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