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==I tried this, but it seems to give lists of names only for the past 4 or 5
years. How do I get names >from deathis in 1950, or 1977?

Michael Bernet, New York

Michael & List -

There are public libraries in various areas that either have an index to
obituaries, or have filmed the actual papers. The recent past seems to be kind of
a black whole, but there are some sites out there.There are many commercial sites
which have newspapers on line - I don't think I can list them here. Make this
search at - online newspaper database one of the big ones is the third
on the list.

Google has also started to index newspapers. When you are at the google search
page, click on the more link above the search box, then look for the news link on
the page that comes up.

In NY, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle 1841-1902 is on line at the Brooklyn Public Library

There are subscription sites which include various newspapers - the well known
large genealogy search site has a newspaper database. The Northern NY Library
system has 21 newspapers on line for free. some of them covering the time period
you ask about.

I think the best thing to do is start looking at the libraries in the areas you are
interested in to see if they have any kind of indexing or filming project going on.


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