Collection of contributed ancestor stories:Has anyone received them? #general


Quite some time ago, there was a posting request on the Jewish Gen message
boards asking Jewish Genners to contribute stories about their ancestors'
experience either regarding travels across Eastern Europe, or perhaps it was to
get stories about experiences during the Napoleonic era. Enough time has
passed that I no longer remember the exact subject/topic request, nor do I
recall the author/requestor's name. I do recall that this person was putting
together a compilation of these stories and would provide a copy to all
contributors at no cost. I was a contributor.

My question, has anyone who contributed to this received their copy? I have
not to date, and a considerable amount of time has gone by. I would like to
contact the author/requestor to be sure that I was included on his/her
mailing list at the very least, or, find out if, and when we can expect to get
our copies. Since I don't recall the person's name, nor do I have his/her mail
address, I would appreciate anyone who might have it, forwarding it to me.
If the person him/herself reads this email, please bring me up to date on my
receiving my copy.

Thank you.
Barbara Meyers
_babycat3@... (mailto:babycat3@...)
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