Family Cohn from Romania #general


Dear all

I have posted two images on Viewmate

One shows the grave of my maternal ggrandmother, Base COHN together with
family members. The other features a few words of Romanian text on the back
of the photo. My ggrandmother came >from Bucuresti (Bucharest). Can anyone
help me identify the likely cemetery, the people in the picture or translate
the text for me?

Three of Base COHN's children: Jack, Harris and Sarah, my grandmother, came
to London, England around 1903/6. They changed the name to COHEN. Jack and
Harris are their anglicised names. Another son, possibly Moshe? emigrated to
Israel but not until the early 1940s.

I am keen to try and find out more about other members of the family who may
have stayed in Romania and to trace those who went to Israel.

Please reply privately.

Thank you.

Roberta Pearce
London, England


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