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Zev Griner <zgriner@...>

The phrase 'bil' or 'b-i-l' is an acronym for 'brother-in-law'.

Zev Griner

On Jan 25, 9:42 pm, mct...@... (Michael McTeer) wrote:
Arriving New York, 5 Jan 1906, the SS Pennsylvania is a KAHLKOPF family from
Susnowie (Sosnowiec?) going to 'bil'(?) in Philadelphia, PA. The American
relative's name is poorly written starting with "Gsl" on Third St. The
family is Abram, age 26(1880), Liebe, age 25(1881), Awvam, age 3(1903),
Ester, age 2(1904) and "Babie", age "-5" 5 years or 5 months? (1901 or
1905). The ages are a bit off, but I believe this maybe the family of my
great grandparents who name I have as Aaron Irvin KALKOPF and Liba LENCZNER
(b. 1878) and that they were not going to 'bil' but to Liba's uncle Samuel
"Sol" GLICKSMAN who was in business with another relative, Morris TRAGER.

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