Re: Searching descendants of Jacob W. & Rose SHAFTON #general

Roger Lustig <julierog@...>

Where do these SHAFTONs come from? I see >from your JGFF entry that your
BEJACHs come >from Zempelburg, W. Prussia (now Sepolno Krajenskie,
Poland). You might want to put some of the other surnames in JGFF also.

The name SHAFTON could be an Americanization of SCHUFTAN (various
spellings), which was a large family >from Staedtel, Kr. Namslau in
Silesia. I've recently worked with the Staedtel vital records
(1810-1850 or so) and found lots and lots of entries for that family.

By the way, the late Monica Leonards indexed/transcribed the Jewish
entries in the Zempelburg civil registers for 1874-83 (the years that
were filmed). They should appear on JRI-Poland before long.

Roger Lustig
Princeton, NJ USA

Maurine wrote:

I am searching for descendants of Rose BEJACH and Jacob W. SHAFTON in
connection with my BEJACH family. Their children were:

Hazel Shafton UNGER (b. abt 1905)
Lester B. Shafton (b. abt 1906)
Stella Shafton (b. abt 1907)
Theodore Shafton (b. abt. 1909)
Sidney Shafton (b. abt 1911)
Phyllis Shafton GRAHAM (b. abt 1914)
Marjorie Shafton FEINBERG (b. abt 1919)

Rose BEJACH SHAFTON was the daughter of Morris (Moses, Moritz) BEJACH
and Johanna Pisner (or Pieser).

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