Seeking the whereabouts Of Louis MENDELSON's Children #general <sacredsisters3@...>


I am trying to trace the kids of Louis & Rose MENDELSON who lived in
Brooklyn, NY for many years. They had three children, Max who was born
in Russia about 1907, Sylvia born in Brooklyn in 1910 and Celia born in
Brooklyn in 1916. I am trying to either get a hold of them or their
children. I believe Max married a Barbara or "Bobby", and One of my
cousins thinks that they may have retired to Florida and most likely
died there as well. I believe one of their children names is Erik

Sylvia married a William "Bill" KASS, and I believe they may have lived
in California and most likely died ther as well. One of their
children's names is Jeffrey Kass. Celia >from what i was told married an
army man, and thats all I know on that. I would like to get in touch
with any of these people for they are descendants of the Mendelson line
I have been working on, and i would love to ask them questions and find
out if they have photo's that may have been passed down >from their
father & grandfather Louis Mendelson. If you can help me or have any
information then please contact me.

Sarah Greenberg(USA-CT)

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