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I have tried many times to locate my father-in-law's younger sister
through Jewish Gen. I do know that Rachele GLATZER came to New York in 1912
with her mother Mire USCIER >from Buchach in Galicia.I have been to Mt Hebron
cemetery and found Mire's head stone. I know they lived in the lower east side
of Manhattan with family SONENKLAR in 1912. I have checked the brides section in
the Municipal building but have no clue as to Rachel Glatzer's marriage name. She
resided in the Bronx, New York.

Perhaps I should try the discussion group again. I have without results. I know
there was a family WEISER related through another sisters marriage but
unfortunately they do not respond. I have been successful with a lot of the
Glatzer research but not this missing part of the family. If anybody reads this
and has a clue it would be greatly appreciated.

I also have never located when Mendel Glatzer Mire Uscier's husband died in
Buchach. Thank you for any help I can get,

Jewel Glattzer

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