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Tom Venetianer <tom.vene@...>

Dear Paul and all,

I can't go into details on this forum to answer all your questions given that
this is not the appropriate group for handling the subject. You do have some
wrong information.

I suggest you subscribe to the [h-justice] Holocaust-era Restitutions Discussion
Group which covered it in ample details and all your doubts have been/can be
clarified. They have published two ample sets of FAQs answering the most common

Their address is <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/h-justice>. If you or anybody
else needs further information, please get in touch with me off-list.

Tom Venetianer

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Subject: Re: Queries re Generali Insurance Claims
From: Paul King <samorai@...>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 09:45:21 +0200
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There is much confusion and conflicting information regarding eligibility
for Generali insurance claims. My inquiries in Israel indicate that Generali
does not now accept claims >from insurance policy holders in Germany, France
and perhaps other locations. The date for filing a claim appears to be
January 15, 2007. Finally, but probably not inclusive of questions to be
asked and answered, since this is a class suit, is it applicable only to
applicants living in the United States?

Paul King

Tom Venetianer
Sao Paulo - Brazil

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