Re: Missing Records, Nucum SPULONSKY #general


Dear Genners:

I have been looking for the same three missing items to complete my dad
Nucum SPULONSKY or Nathan Spolansky's history for some time now with no

I have secured copies of his documents covering him from, the time he
received his Naturalization papers in 1907 thru his demise in 1955,. but
unable to locate any records of his entering into the United States at age
19, as a carpenter in 1904.

I am still unable to locate is his 1904 ships manifests arriving into New York
City A copy of his 1910 New York City census Also his 1920 Brooklyn, New York

I might add, that in all the time I have been looking for these items I
have not been informed by anyone that the records I seek have been destroyed,
or lost, with that in mind I go on looking and hoping that one of you great
Genners do come up with the needed information as to how or where to locate
the missing information I seek

Should anyone feel that I may have something in my dad's records that might
be helpful, please ask and if I have same, I will gladly send it.

Martin Spolansky

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