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Jules Levin

Ironically my "Levin" family is my least well-known to me. I was
named after my grandfather, Julius (Yehudah) Levin, who came to Chicago in the
late 1880's >from "Kovno" or "Kovno gubernya". The name was shortened >from
either Levinson or Levinsky. I think the former is much more probable. I think
my father, a street kid, had very little communication with his father, since
I know so little beyond the above.

Thanks to an unforgettable incident in my father's childhood, I know
another detail that may lead somewhere. My grandfather had a brother in
Chicago who was in the soda pop business. Pre-WW I, that meant that he bottled
the pop himself and made deliveries to customers. The business was good
enough for him to deliver the pop using a horse and wagon. My dad told me all
this because once, helping his uncle make deliveries, the horse bolted with my
dad in the wagon and raced down the street. My dad was saved when a policeman g
rabbed the reins.

So now I am hoping that a pop-bottling business, owned by a Levin, c. 1900-1915,
will be listed in some Chicago city documents. Any help would be appreciated.
Jules Levin
Los Angeles

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