Re: Anyone know the town of Witkowo in NW Poland / NE Germany? #general

Roger Lustig <julierog@...>

The German SIG might know more, as might the JRI-Poland mailing list.

As co-ordinator for the Prussian part of JRI-Poland's jurisdiction (or
catchment or footprint--whatever), I do know a little about Witkowo and
its records.

There don't seem to be many Jewish vital records >from Witkowo. The
Polish State Archives do have some items:

--school records, some immigration stuff, etc. at the Bydgoszcz
(Bromberg) archive;
--civil registration (Standesamt) books for 1874-1904 at the Poznan
(Posen) archive.

The civil registration books for 1874-84 are available on LDS microfilms.

Witkowo was in Posen Province, and is therefore covered in Heppner and
Herzberg's irreplaceable book on Posen Jewish communities, which can be
downloaded >from (search on "Heppner"). The
Witkowo chapter is short (about 2 pages), but reports that the Jewish
population peaked at about 1150 in 1840 and had declined to one-tenth of
that by early in the 20thC.

Regarding surnames: the 1836 list of Jews who had taken Prussian
citizenship in 1834-5 (about 20% of the total population, it seems)
mentions one DOBRZYNSKI: a merchant named Joseph, who lived in
Inowraclaw. SCHELINSKI doesn't appear, but then, the spelling could
have been different in a dozen different ways, Polish spelling being
what it is.

There *are* Jewish vital records >from many other towns in Posen
province. There's a downloadable spreadsheet at the JRI-Poland website
(look under "LDS (Mormon) microfilms") that lists the filmed ones.


Roger Lustig
Prussian Area Co-Ordinator, JRI-Poland

Saul Marks wrote:

I was wondering if anyone knows much about the town of Witkowo, which is
now in NW Poland, but was in NE Germany in the mid-19th century? It's a
little to the SE of the city of Szczecin (aka Stettin).

I believe my DOBRZYNSKI & SCHELINSKI families came >from there, although
the former sounds like earlier ancestors could have come >from the city
of Dobrzyn, further to the SE.

Does anyone know of any records >from the town or the region around it?
Would the German SIG know more?

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