Re: Anyone know the town of Witkowo in NW Poland / NE Germany? #general

Alexander Sharon

Saul Marks wrote

I was wondering if anyone knows much about the town of Witkowo, which is
now in NW Poland, but was in NE Germany in the mid-19th century? It's a
little to the SE of the city of Szczecin (aka Stettin).

I believe my DOBRZYNSKI & SCHELINSKI families came >from there, although
the former sounds like earlier ancestors could have come >from the city of
Dobrzyn, further to the SE.

Does anyone know of any records >from the town or the region around it?
Would the German SIG know more?

There are several towns named or renamed Witkowo in western part of Poland.
If you are certain that 'your' Witkowo is near Szczecin (ex Stettin), then
this particular Witkowo was known in Prussia as Wittchow bei Stargard (3,5
miles distance >from Stargard Szczecinski).

Records were most probably deposited in Stargard.

There is fair amount of data available about the region in English. One of
the general sources is an article in Wikipedia

BTW, there is town Dobrzany near Stargard Szczecinski, and I am wondering
if the researched by you Dobrzynski is not associated with this particular
place, although it was also known in the past as Jakobshagen.


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Canada

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