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<< My grandfather was born in Mir, Belarus. The Hebrew name on his
grave is tzade, dalet, vav, he. The family always pronounced this Tzdok. I
thought a tzodk was the term for a learned, righteous man, not a name. Has
anyone heard of this as a name? How should it be pronounced? >>

The name is Tsadok; (a priest at the time of David and Solomon. I Sam.
15:34-37; I Kings 1:7, 8.). Pronounced Tsodek in Yiddish. The last letter of
his name, perhaps eroded, perhaps badly engraved, perhaps misread, perhaps
misspelled should be a kof.

The heh-at-the-end spelling may arise >from a confusion with
Tseydeh/Seydeh for "grandfather"

Tsadok and Tsadik are >from the same Hebrew root. Only the former is a
personal name, relatively rare among Ashkenasim. The Sadducees took their name
from Tsadok.
Michael Bernet, New York

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