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Since June, 2006 I have discovered that my grandfather, Morris(Moshe) RUDERMAN had
a sister, Ester(KASDIN who immigrated in 1912, a brother, Abe who immigrated in
1895, a sister Sophie(imm date unknown) who married in Russia to a CHEFITZ (and
changed their name to LAFER) and lived in Matamoras across the bridge >from Port
Jervis, NY and a brother Harry whose family is unknown. All of my cousins and I
are searching for the same thing: what village in Russia did these siblings come
from and what did their father, Isaacand mother, Rachel(Ruchel) do in Russia?
Only EsterRuderman Kasdin Josephs' tombstone suggests that her father may have been
a scholar or Rabbi. I assumed that my Ruderman family were a poor farming family.
Also, Esther's immigration record mentions a KRIESK or KRIEST, Russia which I can't

If anyone has any information or ideas about locating their russian village, please
contact me. They are said to have lived near Minsk. I haven't found my
grandparents' immigration records yet, but am still searching.

Most Sincerely,
Liz Ruderman Miller

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