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<< Does anyone know the origin of the Andrew SAKS family?
He was the founder of Sak's Fifth Avenue. He was born in
Baltimore, Maryland.

It appears that most of the post Civil War department stores were
originally founded by Jewish immigrants >from Franconia in Bavaria,
Germany, who started off as peddlers.

A Google search shows that the Saks Fifth Avenue department0
store chain was begun in 1902 as a Washington,'s clothing
store. Andrew Saks, who sold newspapers as a youngster before
becoming a peddler,saved his money until he accumulated enough to
leave home in Philadelphia and establish a men's clothing store in
Washington, D. C. To finance a move >from New York Herald Square to
Fifth Avenue, the Saks store was sold to the Gimbel chain in 1923.

The Saks name may be derived >from a geographic region, Saxony
state, in Germany, or >from Hebrew initials of "Sera [Zer`a] Kodesh,"
Descendants of Holy (martyrs)

Michael Bernet, New York

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