VIiewmate: Translation from Lithuanian of list of murdered from Lithuania during 1941-1944 #general

Ilan Ganot <iganot@...>

Yad-Vashem's online Shoah Related Lists database includes lists of murdered
from Lithuania during 1941-1944, prepared by the Extraordinary State
Commission to Investigate German-Fascist Crimes Committed on Soviet

Link to the database:

Being one of the co-Webmasters of the Mazheik (Mazeikiai) Memorial Website I
am interested in translating the list related to this Shtetl.
The list seems to be written in Lithuanian.

The list of Mazeikiai can be accessed >from the database by searching for
Mazeikiai at the "Places" field, and then selecting "List of murdered from
Mazeikiai in 1941-1944" at the list of results.

I have uploaded the following files to Viewmate:
VM9399: Introduction to the list and Header of the table

VM9400: Summary of the list, signatures and end-note (in Russian).

The general link to Viewmate is at:

Help with translating the text will be appreciated.

Please reply privately.


Ilan Ganot,

Co-Webmaster, Mazheik Memorial Website


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