Mordecai RASSEINER (RABINOWITZ) #general

yoni ben-ari <yrcdi@...>

Dr. Neil Rosenstein mentions in his book "the Ubroken Chain" under the Elias
family (1990 ed. pp5420, the name Mordecai RASSEINER as being the father of
R.S. RABINOWITZ husband of the daughter of Gad Asher ROKEACH and his wife
,daughter of DovBerish ELIAS.

My gggreat uncle mentions in his diary of a relative called Reb Mordechai
RUZHINER. According to Rosenstein and others DovBerish's children lived in
Karlin my ancestors town of origin.

I would like to contact any members of the family of the above Mordecai
RASSEINER to check the possibities of our relationship.

Thank you

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efart

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