Re: Anyone heard of the town of Sapatkin? #general

Carlos Glikson

Saul Marks mentioned:

I was doing some research into the FREEMAN family of Manchester (UK).
the family patriarch & his son. both were born in a place called
Sapatkin, in Russia...
The ShtetlSeeker doesn't come up with anything really definitive,
so I was wondering if anyone out there has heard of it?
The place may be Sopotkin (Sopockinie, Sopotskin in ShtetlSeeker,
with a Polish diacritic mark on top of the c in Sopockinie).
It is 160 miles W of Minsk, 13 miles NW of Grodno,
coordinates 5350N 2339E in today's Belarus, and about
6 miles >from the point where the borders of Poland,
Lithuania and Belarus meet today.

There is a "JewishGen Locality Page" for Sopotskin, Belarus, at:
< >.

specifying Town, District, Province, Country for different times:

- Before WWI (c. 1900): Sopockinie Augustow Suwalki Russian Empire
- Between the wars (c. 1930): Sopockinie Augustow Bialystok Poland
- After WWII (c. 1950): Sopotskin Soviet Union
- Today (c. 2000): Sopotskin Belarus

One of its two Yizkor books includes (my personal reason to remember
the name) has a detailed mention of The Glikson family in page 57.
The translations are found in:
< >.

"Sopotkin; in Memory of the Jewish Community" -
(Belarus) 5350N / 2339E

Translation of "Korot ayara ahat; megilat ha-sigsug ve-ha-hurban
shel kehilat Sopotkin" - Edited by Alexander Manor (Menschinsky) -
Published in Tel Aviv, 1960.

Saul's research covers the FREEMAN family: In
< >.

There is a picture captioned "Olim" [immigrants] >from Sopotkin to the
Land of Israel (1921) - The first pioneers >from Sopotkin. It does
not show a exact FREEMAN, but "Gedaliuahn" FREEDMAN is pictured there.

Hope this helps,
Carlos Glikson

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