more about Max WOLK #belarus


I recently wrote about my grandpa, Max WOLK, born about 15 March 1888,
in Minsk or Minsk Gubernia. He came to America around 1910 to 1913,
married Frieda SCHARF of Suchostaw, Galicia 28 March 1914, in Brooklyn,
NY and was active in Workmen's Circle, Minsker Branch 507 in Brooklyn
>from 1913 to 1970. I believe he had a sister who also came to America
and that their parents were Jacob WOLK and Feige KATZ who never left

According to family history, Max defected >from the Czar's army along
with 2 other comrades and one of them was killed during their escape
attempt. Max's father, Jacob WOLK (or any such name variation), was
said to be an orthodox rabbi, possibly Hasidic and possibly simply a
student or scholar. I have found no record about Max WOLK in the Ellis
Island records and no record of Jacob WOLK or Feige KATZ anywhere.

I will be most grateful if anyone who knows anything about any of these
people will please contact me privately at I
would be particularly interested about any Workmen's Circle contacts or
Belarus background. Thank you.

Yours in peace, Jonathan RIDGEWAY of Clintondale, NY (in the Hudson
River Valley)

HELLER, SCHARF and SCHNEIER of Suchostaw and Jazlowiec, Galicia
and WOLK and KATZ of Minsk or Minsk Gubernia

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