Progress made - finally! #general

Adiva Bloch

Dear Genners,

I am so excited! I was recently visiting my family in the US and we
went to Washington DC for 2 days. On the second day we took a tour of
the National Archives. I was lucky enough to have about an hour before
the next tour we were scheduled to go to and I got to do some
research. There was this nice gentleman who is a volunteer to help
with genealogy research and he was really helpful.

I had mentioned to him that I could not find my great-grandfather
Morris REICHARD entering the US, but I did see him come back about
1909 after visiting Hungary. He suggested to me that if Morris left
the country he should have applied for a passport. I had never thought
of that before! I had just enough time to search the index to find his
passport number and then to get a copy of his passport application. It
was so cool to see this.

This application helped me because it gives a date and location for
when Morris REICHARD was naturalized! I had always thought he was
naturalized in NY, but it turns out it was PA. I sent an e-mail to the
archives in PA to see if they had the record. They checked and said
they do and I should send them the money to send me the copy.

I am sending this so that if people know their relatives returned for
a visit to Europe there may be a passport application out there that
will help with their search. It also includes a physical description
of the passport holder, which I thought was cool to know what my
great-grandfather looked like.

Adiva Bloch
Johannesburg, South Africa

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