Printing large family trees #general

Natalie Spencer Carroll

I have more than 2000 names in my family tree. Trying to get them all on a
single page is difficult.

When I purchased my first ink-jet printer I had a number of specifications
that the printer needed to meet. The first was the ability to print large
family trees and the second was that it would lend itself to modification
of archival photographs. Color, being reasonably priced and the cost of ink
cartridges, especially ink cartridges, were also factors.

I settled on two manufacturers of ink-jet printers. They both had paper
size selections. The user size paper in question would have to include
11x17 and 11x42. The pertinent difference between the manufactures was
that one had a maximum length of 42 inches and the other had almost
unlimited length (banner). I bought the first one because I wasn't aware of
that difference. The prices of the printers and ink and functions were
almost identical, I just wasn't aware of the size limitations. If I had to
do it again I would have bought the second one. Apparently one of the two
printers had greater memory.

I must say that I have not found the difference as being really that
restrictive. I just need to choose my font and font size carefully. I
usually use Arial Narrow at font 10, a size that is still readable, at
least in English, I cannot vouch for other languages. By carefully
selecting font size and tree format I can almost always get the full tree
on a 11 inch high page, length is a different story, 18 to 20 feet., 4 or 5
11x42 inch pages. Much easier than putting together 20 to 24 - 8.5x11 inch

I buy custom cut 11x42 inch paper >from a paper wholesaler at about
$1.50/sheet. I buy a little thicker stock, but one that my printer will
handle. A note, it is time consuming, but this is a labor of love, isn't it.

Gerald Simon

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