Searching for Bernard SMILOVIC from Mukacevo b. 1926 #general

felicia zieff

Dear Friends,

Please help Sam "Shiku" SMILOVIC, a Survivor in Toronto, Canada to find out what
happened to his brother, Bernard Smilovic.

This is Sam "Shiku" Smilovic; born in Mukacevo Feb 8,1928 that was Czechoslovakia
at the time. The city belongs to Ukraina now. I was Liberated in Buchenwald
April 11, 1945 at 3.P.M.

I am looking for my brother Beri, or Bernard Smilovic, born in Mukacevo Jan. 3,
1926. I have been in touch with the Red Cross and all parts of the world. The
final information after 10 years is as follows:

Smilovics Bernard,born in Munkacs on Jan 3/1926 was committed >from Concentration
camp Gross Rosen to concentration camp Mathausen on 15th Feb 1945; Prisoner
No: 129213. He was liberated there by the on the 5th of May 1945.
May 25, 1945 he was repatriated >from Mathausen to Bratislava Czechoslovakia.

To date, we have not found out what happened to him.

Below is the only evidence that appeared on a list >from the Bricha operating in
Barri, Italy in 1945. His name appears together with some 20 boys and girls all
from our town of Mukacevo.
List of the Children in Barri 1945: Ackerman, Herman, 20years old; Chana 18
years; Davidovic Mojse 48 years old; Feldman, Andor 24; Gottesman, Isac 32; Gold,
Joseph 24; Ilos Myer 20; Liberman, Cilla 26; Mauskop, Ester 16 years; Markovic,
Ado[ph 21; Rutner, Shlojmo 19 years; Spiegel, Samuel 24; Stoler, Mojshe 18
years; - Shmilowits, 19 years old - this could be my brother although the
spelling is different. Note that there is no first name on the list. The question
is "why?" There are hundreds of possibilities but his age is correct; in 1945 he
was 19 years old; Weiss, Israel 15 years old; Weiss, Samuel 28 years; and
Mermelstein, Myer 19 years old This the list.

I hope that there is someone alive and who will know more details what happened
to this group of Mukacevo or Munkacs, as we called it under the Hungarian
occupation, that there might be a miracle and some one will have the answer to
my brother's whereabouts.

Please reply privately to:

Felicia P. Zieff
Association of Descendants of the Shoah - Illinois, Inc.

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