E: Printing Tree with 2000 Names #general

Benjamin Gabriel Gelman <bengelman@...>

There is a program that is available as a free trial for 30 days (I
forget what the purchase price is) that is designed with graphical display
of large and complicated trees in mind. You can import/export GEDCOM files,
and you can print in Hebrew characters as well as English on the same tree.
Colored boxes/lines, different shape boxes, and relationships other than
familial (such as friends, adoption, engaged, hateful, etc.) can all be
displayed with their own distinct style of line.

When all is said and done, the resulting tree can be printed on a
large format printer, or as a mosaic with overlapping edges for you to piece
together on your own (my first printed tree like this was 4x5 pieces of
8.5x11 paper). It can also be saved as an image file for incorporation to
websites or documents.

Be forewarned: despite what you may think, your spouse does not
agree with you that this would make the perfect wallpaper for the family
room :)
The name of the program is GenoPro.

Benjamin Gabriel Gelman

Researching: GILMOWSKI, BITANSKI (Mir, Baranowicze); FRIEMANN (Mielec);

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