Re: How to find records in California #general

Scott <nunuvya@...>

Jules Levin wrote:

How do I proceed with the following info on someone who died in Artesia, CA?
I have name, date of birth, SS #, month and year of death (1967).
What other info is normally available.
I'm not sure what county Artesia is in, but here in Contra Costa County, death
and probate records are stored for a period of time in the county records
office, then they are sent to the county historical society for a more
permanent storage.

So, your first port of call for this information would be the County Clerk's
office in that county. If they no longer have the records >from 1967, I'd like to
believe they can tell you where the records are being kept.

Good luck!

Scott Saftler
webmaster, (Contra Costa County Historical Society website)

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