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Hello, JGenners,

Actually, Montifiore Hospital does have a bit of its
history on the web-site at:

Before the web-site was "updated" to its current
version, I had gleaned the following information from
a prior version of the hospital history:
Montefiore opend as a Home for Chronic Invalids in
1884. The hospital provided care primarily for
patients with tuberculosis. For those patients the
average length of stay was more than 350 days. In the
1890s, Montefiore participated in the early testing of
tuberculin, developed by Robert Koch for the diagnosis
and treatment of tuberculosis. In 1897 Montefiore
opened the Montefiore Home Country Sanitarium aka
Bedford Sanitarium in Bedford, NY [currently
Westchester County] to care for tuberculosis patients.
The sanitarium was in continuous operation until 1956.

On Sat, 17 Feb 2007 19:07:10 -0800 (PST) Ira Leviton
<iraleviton@...> wrote:
<Hi Cousins,
The Montefiore Home was a hospital for patients
with chronic diseases that opened in Manhattan in
1884. It moved several times, most recently to the
Bronx in 1912, where it is still located, and over a
half century ago it evolved into its current form a
large, acute care hospital. It has a web site at, which unfortunately doesn't have
any history... >

Regarding the word 'inmate' - in both the 1920 and
1930 censuses (censii?) one can see the term used for
those registered at a hospital on the day of the
census taker's visit. And the mentally ill who were
committed to the original 'Bedlam' were called inmates
[ca. 1400], although later they were referred to as
patients [ca. 1700] and unfortunates [ca. 1815].

And >from an old, reliable source - the dictionary:
inmate - any of a group occupying a single place of
residence; especially a person confined (as in a
prison or hospital)

As to the Brooklyn Jewish Sanitarium for Incurables -
our friends at the USG..W..C..P... [hope I didn't say
too much] have been working on brief transcriptions of
selected 1930 US Census columns for the entire US.
These descriptions by county list by microfiche roll
number the Assembly Districts and all the large
facilities [which housed inmates, I presume.]

For Kings County, towards the bottom of the page one
finds: Roll T626_1534 including Brooklyn Borough,
Assembly Dist. 19 (Part) and Assembly Dist. 20 (Part)
Institution(s): Home for the Aged (Little Sisters of
the Poor); Home of the Sorrowful Mother; Jewish
Sanitarium for Incurables; Menorah Home for Aged and
Infirm; Nuns of the Order of St. Dominic; Wyckoff
Heights Hospital and Nurses Home

Best of luck to all,
Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA

with family members who worked, were treated and died
at Montefiore in the 'teens and 1920s
and a gg-grandmother who lived her final 5 months and
died at the Brooklyn Hebrew Home for the Aged in 1930

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