Seeking Joseph JACKSON; SHERR; ISAACSON #general

Chaim freedman

My late paternal grandmother Annie Freedman (nee Quint) was born in 1885 in
Pikeliai, Lithuania.She immigrated to London in 1896. She died in 1967 in
Melbourne, Australia. There was a family in Melbourne, Tait, with whom my
grandmother claimed a relationship.

I recently discovered that Rebecca Tait (previously Taitelbaum) was married
in Glascow in 1904. According to the record I found on-line, Rebecca's
parents were Joseph and Chai Jackman (Chai nee Isaacman). This fact
correlated with another relationship whereby my grandmother's paternal aunt
Lieba (Leah) nee Kvint(Quint) was married to Joseph Isaacs (formerly
Isaacman) a relative of Rebecca Tait.

I found in the 1901 Scotland census that Rebecca's parents were Jackson and
not Jackman, and in the death record of Joseph in 1920, his mother was
Goldie nee Sherr. This gave me the relationship with my grandmother whose
maternal grandmother Rokha Yekhovi was the daughter of Isaac Katz and Dinah
nee Sherr. I presume that Dinah and Goldie were sisters.

I discovered another relationship my grandmother talked about with Scottish
connections. In Glascow lived her grandmother's sister Beila (Bessie)
Brandson (died 1920). Her daughter Sophie was married to Jacob Bernstein of
Dunfermline and the family settled in Melbourne in 1920. Beila's death
record gives her mother's name as Dinah Sherr.

The Tait family settled in Melbourne in 1913 and my grandparents and father
in 1921.

If am seeking relatives of Joseph Jackson, and the Sherr and Isaacson
families. (I have already contacted those listed in the Family Finder).

Chaim Freedman
Petah Tikvah, Israel

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