Re: Minnesota and Wisconsin help needed #general

Mike Posnick

Records of naturalization proceedings held in the Minnesota district
courts are held by the clerk of district court in each county. The
addresses should be listed on the state's webiste,
<>. The Minnesota State Historical Society also has
copies on microfilm. For further information, go to its website at

Minnesota courts retained concurrent jurisdiction with the federal
courts into the early 1950's. A number of naturalizations also took
place in the Minnesota Supreme Court. Those records will be found at
the Minnesota State Historical Society.

Records of federal court naturalization proceedings are held at the
National Archives branches in Chicago and Kansas City, depending on
the court in which the proceeding took place and when. Minneapolis
naturalizations generally are held in Kansas City. St. Paul and
Duluth naturalizations generally are held in Chicago. The federal
district court clerk's offices in Minneapolis and St. Paul maintain
card indexes to their naturalizations and will do look-ups on a
limited basis. I have found it easier in recent years, however, to
e-mail the appropriate NARA branch. They are very responsive to inquiries.

Mike Posnick
Minneapolis, Minnesota

In her JewishGen message of Mon, 19 Feb 2007, "Jill Ullmann"
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I am trying to find out how to get naturalization records >from the
state of Minnesota. If anyone can advise, I would appreciate it.

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