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Dear Gens,

While searching my Leisten family >from Tarnow, I came across the name
Sauermilch but could not find how thisfamily is linked to mine. So far I

Rivka SAUERMILCH, born 1812, daughter of Chaskel and Sara
Haya-Lea Sauermilch, married Varuch-Cavid Teichler
Salomon Sauermilch, born 1822, son of Anschel and Chaye
Isak Sauermilch, born 1821, son of Moses and Chaye
Salomon Sauermilch. born 1843, died 1856, son of Marcus and Chaye
Joseph Sauermilch, died 1859, husband of Sara

If somebody has further information I will be glad to get it.
Thank you very much

Sulamith Beith Yannai

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