Re: Was/Pincus Hirshbein found! - Now/Forsyth St, New York #general


A similar situation existed in Boston in the era of large scale
immigration. A significant number of immigrants were destined for the
same three Boston addresses, 351 Harrison Ave, 84 Salem St. or 40 Lowell
St. Checking city directories of the time revealed ticket agencies at
those locations. These agencies sold tickets for railroad travel and
often held tickets for incoming passengers pre-paid by relatives in
other cities or other states.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

Joan Parker wrote:

Interesting question and comment. I noticed the same thing about Pitt.

Maybe it just me, but I have seen oh so many ship
manifests with Jewish immigrants traveling to Forsyth
Steet in Manhattan. All were low addresses like the
one above, and the majority in the 20 range. Possibly
someone who knows the Jewish history of Manhattan in
the early 20th Century could enlighten me on what drew
them to this location.

Yehudah ben Shlomo

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