How Did My Great Grandfather Solomon TUCHMAN arrive in the US? #general

Greg Tuckman

Dear Group,

I am at a loss as to how my ggrandfather, Solomon TUCHMAN and family arrived
in the US. I am hoping you can help guide me.

Born and raised in Lublin, Poland, I have located Salomon TUCHMANN on the
Hamburg Passenger Lists. It indicates he was 33 years of age and a master
tailor. He was traveling with his wife Dine (Bina), age 32 and their two
children; Chana, age 9 and Hersch, age 4. Since I have all of their birth
records I know this information to be accurate.

They sailed on the SS Olivia >from Hamburg to London, England on September 2,
1901. However, I cannot locate them on any Ellis Island data base or the
newest database of passenger lists leaving the UK. As far as I know they
came directly to the US (NYC). Their next child was born in September 1902
in NYC.

Any help would be appreciated. Please e-mail me privately unless you feel
this would help others in the group.
Thank you!

Greg Tuckman
Tempe, AZ USA

Any surname >from Gowarczow, Poland
FIHRER/FUHRER >from Radom, Warsaw or Lomza, Poland

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