Re: Searching the HIRSCH, WEISLER, TRISKER name #general

Frank ie <fastrax59@...>

I posted this same message in 1998. Hopefully, 9 years later, I might have
some better luck.

I am searching for any possible connections to Adolph HIRSCH born 1865, >from
Romania and died 18-March 1934 in Montreal, Canada.

He married Josephine WEISLER (Wisler?) (Romania?). One of their children
was Sam Hirsch, born 1905, who also died in Montreal, Canada, 5-August 1963;
He was my grandfather.

Also, an Adolph TRISKER (Russia?), married a woman named Fanny (last name?),
who bore a daughter named Rose Trisker, who married Sam Hirsch, above; she
was my grandmother.

I am looking for descendants of HIRSCH, WEISLER, TRISKER , living or
deceased. If anyone has any connection, info or advice, please get a hold
of me.
Thank you.

Frankie Albert Segal
Los Angeles, CA

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