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Edward Goldstein <editor.TheGalitzianer@...>

Dear Galitzianers,

Many of us have grown up listening to stories, reminiscences and
anecdotes of life in our shtetlach. These stories are the "heart and
soul" of genealogy.

Susana Leistner Bloch has volunteered to create a special feature for
The Galitzianer, called "Tales of Galicia," which will appear >from
time to time in future issues. If you have such stories please send
them to Susana at <>. (Her email address is provided
here with her permission.)

When sending a story please add a little information about the person
who told it, the place he/she came >from and -- if you have a photo --
even better!

Don't be shy and think your story is minor or of no interest to
others. Anything that recreates "the sounds, the smells and the
colors" of our history is as important as "hanging" a new name or
date on our family tree; it will give us and future generations of
Galitzianers a glimpse of how our ancestors lived.

Susana and I are looking forward to hearing >from you.

Edward Goldstein
Editor, The Galitzianer

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