Re: Antopol, Belarus - Cemetery photos #belarus



Is there a list of names of those buried at the Jewish cemetery in Antopol,
Belarus. Perhaps someone has already documented the names on the existing

Phyllis Bosworth
New York, New York
A group of us went to Antopol during a trip to Poland and Belarus last fall.
There is an old cemetery still there, but not many stones left. Those that are
left are difficult to read. I took photos of all the stones that had a chance of
being legible, in both Antopol and Kobrin. You can view the photos with either of
these addresses (free registration on the KodakGallery website is required):

There are partial transcriptions/translations written as captions below the photos.
If anyone can decipher more of the stones, please email me the information (or post
it as a comment below the photo) and I'll update the captions. If you can email
me the Hebrew transcriptions as well, that would be great. Once I have a full set
of transcriptions/translations, I can submit the information to JOWBR. Please be
aware that none of these stones appear to have surnames, so identifying your
relatives will probably not be trivial.

Elise Friedman
Baltimore, Maryland

Researching PALEVSKY and LIFSHITZ >from Antopol,
as well as Brest-Litovsk, Horodotz and Kobrin

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